Certification Process

This page provides an overview on the process from looking for a training provider until achieving the credential as Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)®. The process concludes with receiving legally protected title with unique identification number awarded by the GfSE e.V.

The process is depicted in the figure hereafter:

In case of questions, please ask your training provider or use the contact form provided on this web site.

Questions related to your former education will be forwarded to the SE-TREC GmbH by your trainer. This is a personal vocational qualification, also if you had been registered by your company.

The required qualification is listed on the levels section.

In parallel to your training you need to provide your application documents. The SE-TREC GmbH will check and grant permission for the exam, subject to proven training participation.

The required forms are available in the download section or from the trainer.

After passing the exam, the SE-TREC GmbH will send the certificate to the certification board of the SE-ZERT® Program. The registration form is also a form to apply to use the title Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)®. After receiving all applications, the certification board of the SE-ZERT® Program will issue a unique number with a seal permitting to use the title as long as valid. The title is a registered trade mark.