Human resource departments can find here a short description to this vocational qualification, the relation of levels to project competencies and answers to specific questions.


  1. Overview
  2. The Benefit
  3. Licensed Training Providers
  4. Additional Information


The SE-ZERT® program is a vocational qualification to the „Certified Systems Engineers (GfSE)®“. It provides the participants opportunities to build and enhance process and content related competencies in the area of systems engineering. The GfSE e.V. together with the SE-TREC GmbH developed a personal certificate. The program relies on the standard EN ISO/IEC 17024 for personal certification. Accredited training providers support participants optimal and independent in preparation for the certification, where an examination committee by the SE-TREC GmbH and GfSE verify their knowledge. This ensures a high quality in the vocational education. With a SE-ZERT® certificate alumni are qualified for industry independent systems engineering engagements. This vocational qualification is global available in German and English.

The SE-ZERT® program addresses individual persons with a technical qualification from foreman, technician, Bachelor degree, Master degree or analogous degrees. It provides for enterprises a qualification of the employees in internal or public trainings.

According to the bylaws a goal of the GfSE e.V. is to create a systems engineering standard, language and a uniform occupational profile. The SE-ZERT® Program distinguishes three qualification levels building up on each other. The entry level C sets the target to work within a team followed by level B with the goal „apply“ and leading small projects. The highest qualification level is level A with the goal independently create problem statements, solutions, justifications, conclusions, interpretations or judgments and being able to communicate these to others.

Benefits from an enterprise viewpoint

In enterprises exist different levels of qualifications which will be supported through the three levels from A to C.

Figure 1: Allocation of levels to organization and projects

This means the SE-ZERT® program supports

  • systematic development of SE resources
  • improving effectivity and efficiency in the enterprise
  • establish a common language
  • removing hurdles of organizational, geographic, and cultural causes
  • simplified validation of competencies for tenders
  • cross-industry comparability through standardized certification
  • in recruiting specialists

Explanation to the levels and their prerequisites are available in the levels section of this web site.

Mirroring into the world of projects, reveals that the systems engineering qualifications appear on each project level:

Figure 2: Systems engineering competences on each project level

Licensed Training Providers

Two approaches exist for enterprises to achieve this  vocational qualification. Both lead via training providers licensed by the GfSE. They offer on their homepages public training courses. In case you can gather 8 trainees per qualification level you may organize an in-house training course as well. Training provider may also offer specifically customized training. The SE-TREC GmbH will provide exams at your location and permits to save travel costs of trainees. Training providers offer all-inclusive service packages.

Additional Information

The training courses and exams are available in German and English. Currently you can still choose from training based version 3.2.2 or 4.0 of the systems engineering handbook. This remains valid for the transition period until about August 2017. Latest information are available from training providers or via contact form of the web site.

Since 2016 is the SE-ZERT program available in English and based on customer request internationally available. Training courses and exams were held with participants from Denmark, Romania, Switzerland, China, India and USA. Please find further information on the statistic page.